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Default Re: Upgrade ideas for 300B PP

Greg - that does look like a beautifully built amp. I am intrigued by your battery bias upgrade - presumably the batteries live outboard of the amp for charging purposes? You mentioned this first - is this because you rated it as the most significant upgrade?
I will PM you with my e- mail address because I am keen to learn the details of some of your circuit changes.
Incidentally, John raised an interesting question regarding "What is better?". What I am looking to improve is that rather hard to describe 'spaciousness' that valve amps bring. I guess it is all about reproducing those low level details in the music? The 300B improves on my 5881 in every respect except the afore mentioned spaciousness /soundstage /separation between instruments. Where I would say it is broadly comparable. The constraint could be the rest of my system of course, but it will be fun to try!
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