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Default 2 pairs of Heybrook HB3's that sound very different !!?

Hello. To be honest, I originally registered here to get help on my HB3's about a year ago, which I guess is somewhat a DIY work, since some of these oldies need some tweaking. Now, I'm finally taking some time to tackle it more seriously (I hope). I got 2 pairs, one from eBay that got knackered during transport and are not visually the best (did post a thread about restoring them bout a year ago, but still haven't...). They seem to work ok though, with a similar sound between both speakers, despite one of them having a big bump on one corner. They're pretty bass shy with my preamp settings on flat. If I turn up the bass they can actually deliver some powerfull bass, not extreme but it's not bad at all, at least in what concerns sound level (it does seem a bit undetailed, but that's relative....).
By the way, the mid was refoamed by a local with some experience but I don't think he messed with the crossover at all....
I was very disappointed, as I got these after hearing about how dynamic and fast and pleasant they can be.

Now the complete shock.....
Today, more than one year after I got them (I got both pairs one after the other cause the deal was good and I didn't like the first pair not being the best visually), I decided to try the second pair, which is visually very good (it's venered black, the 1st pair is brown), with only a few small cracks on the varnish on one of the corners. The bass is much bigger and dynamic with the same amp settings!!! And I couldn't even try with the volume at higher levels because this pair has the mid foams rotted too, so I didn't want to risk damaging the voice coil (or maybe I'm imagining things, but I think it's a good idea to be cautious). I can only imagine that they were a marvel when new.
This second pair is indeed in a very different location and I have of course to try them in a similar location but I'm almost sure this won't make up for the difference, as my living room is very big (8,5m x 5 m, approximately) and the difference is so noticeable.

What could be the cause ? Has the 1st pair got used in a bar or disco in the 80's and the bass drivers are demagnetized ? Has something got off place during transport ? How can I test it ? I think it's unlikely cause both speakers of the 1st pair sound alike. Maybe the previous user tried to replace the woofers and messed up with the crossovers or used the wrong drivers ?

I don't even have the allen keys to mess with these things, but I'm gonna get them. I'm no expert but I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, so I'll get there with time and patience and will post some good photos. But of course I'll need you guys help, can't take a course in crossover and speaker design at the moment, thought it would probably be interesting... So where should I start looking ? I can't wait to hear how they sounded originally, imagine if I get both pairs to original spec, that would be a blast

I have another question, cause I'm definitely going to refoam the mids on the 2nd pair, should I try to get foams with the same shape ? I don't know if I'll be able to find them...

Thank you all

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