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Default Re: Headphone Amps and choices

the DV comes with 3 per side o/put caps that are unknown Chinese, not bad but can be bettered, again take a look at what others have done on the Headfi threads.

From experience I don't like desoldering and resoldering PCBs. When I bought a Bada h/amp I decided that by destroying cheap caps I didn't like but keeping the legs I could solder to these meaning I didn't have to remove the PCB, so much easier.

The DV has a PCB which holds the o/put caps amongst other components. I removed this PCB and wish I hadn't. It was a devil to remove and even worse to re-instate because the Tx wiring is so short. The preamp components are also on the PCB but can be removed easily.

The Chinese o/put caps have very thin legs so be careful and take your time, this will be far simpler than removing the PCB.

I've just received what I am sure will be my final set of h/phones - a pair of Oppo PM2 - they are superb but they are only 32 Ohm unlike my Beyers. The supplied o/put caps are only 30uF per side.
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