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Default Re: Listening session

Back in 1983, I had my first experience of CD at a Hi-Fi sow in Crewe. We were demoing Heybrook gear, so the system would probably have been HB3s, EAR amplification the vinyl source was either Linn LP12/Ittok/Koetsu or Heybrook TT2, can't remember which. We managed to borrow a Philips CD player from the Philips guys who were very proud of i, and eager for us to help spread the word.

The only CD we had was "Dire Straits Love Over Gold", which we also had on vinyl. My sense of anticipation before the comparison was only matched by my disappointment afterwards. In comparison to the vinyl, the CD was dull, boring and flat. Nothing I've heard in the intervening 23 years has changed that opinion.

What intrigued me most though was the opinion of the general public, who mostly thought that the CD was better because there was no surface noise (it wasn't exactly a pristine LP we were using), but belied their stated opinions by jigging and bouncing in their seats during the LP playback, but staying completly still for the CD. Some were visibly finding it hard to concentrate on the CD, but because they weren't thinking about this aspect of the performance in their comparison, still voiced a preference for the CD!
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