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Default Re: WAD 300B mono blocks

Hi again,

Do you have the valves? A quick check is that,
300BPP used 6au6, 5687, and 2x 300B
300BPSE used 6au6, ECC82, and 2x 300B

If no valves you'll need to check the circuit inside.

Are the switches not there at all? Seems strange the previous owner didn't just leave them switched on at the switches or hardwire them inside.

Anyway, what do you mean by the caps? Not being pedantic but we use caps as short for capacitors so best if we know what you want. Do you mean the chrome knobs for the switches?

Matthew will be able to supply the switches themselves for a few pounds as I've just had a look at a spare one and they are the WD PSU3 ones. The knobs (if it is them you need) will be quite expensive as they are solid with mirror chrome finish so you'll need to ask him.

I sold the pair of PP in the pic maybe 5 years ago for about 550 iirc and the PSE go for similar money. Valves are expensive though so the price will vary accordingly
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