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Default Re: WAD 300B mono blocks

Hello again, yes, as Bob says, the back transformers near the terminals are the mains power ones and will run hot after a few hours. Put them on an open shelf for ventilation.

Yes a phone should be fine as the amps are 1V sensitive with feedback switched in and 380mV without and have a high 100K impedance. Headphone outputs can vary as they are designed typically to drive a lower load than line level which is more standardised. The phone's output may be expressed in mW as headphones have different impedances and sensitivities so the voltage may change into those differing loads.

(Next step up would be a laptop running FLAC files via Foobar or streaming from the web into a USB DAC then your amps.)

When my lad went to Uni 10 years ago I sorted an old Jap amp and a pair of bookshelf speakers for him to take and he used his phone plugged via a stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable (Maplins) straight into the AUX amp input. He still uses it that way in his room when he comes home these days
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