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Default Re: Listening session

I have a £2000 CD + DAC; bought second hand and have never thought about CD quality since. (I late started with CD as a player was £17 in a junk shop and then found that CDs were expensive)

Over the years I have found that there are good bad and mediocre CDs and that is down to the recording of them / transfer to CD from tape etc etc.

There are really wonderful CDs out there. (and many that are

You can get crap vinyl too (from the pressing?).

But on the whole I am still surprised by the dynamics and overall quality of records - vinyl is an amazing medium.

And now I just want better - this is attainable.

CDV is usually a reference and (very) convenient.

SACD and DVD Audio can be mindblowingly something else. (It too can be 'not very good actually') I am very glad it exists .... getting close and sometimes better than good vinyl?
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