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Default Re: KEL84 from the recycling centre

Thank you Bob and Matthew. I now have the build instructions, and the valves on order (2 x ECF80 6BL8 EI Yugoslavia - NOS matched pair (Philips construction), and a matched quad of EHX EL84's). I'll also get some cheap 8ohm speakers to test with.

I spent last night removing all the wiring off the 6-way selector switch, volume pot, and the audio connectors at the back which was all single core copper wire that would have been unwieldy to work with. My feeling is that this was an abandoned kit, and may never have worked for the previous owner as some of the audio cables seemed to essentially crimped to breaking in the act of removing the shielding.

I want to get the entire PCB out but is is being held in mainly by the choke and mains transformer wiring.
What is the opinion on having a series of either plug or screw connectors between most (choke and transformers) of the onboard and offboard wiring to allow easy removal of the PCB?

I'll clean the board and reflow the solder as well as suction up some of the excess. I'll be getting some new wire, and a 100ka volume pot as well while waiting for the valves.

A part I will probably be looking for in future is a replacement chrome volume knob, and I notice that chroming the transformer covers is popular, but I was thinking just black paint.
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