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Default Phono II advice Please!

Back in 2000/01 my last World Audio build was the Series II Phono amp with power supply. Although I was very happy with my existing Hart/Linsley Hood 'shunt feedback pickup pre-amp' I wanted something to tinker with and upgrade in the same fashion as I had the KLP1 and K5881 Mk1 that it was to feed.
The build went well, all test voltages checked out (within 15%) and when connected up it was lovely and quiet, no hum or hiss.
However, I was disappointed with the sound - it seemed a bit 'ragged' and generally uninspiring. Thinking that it just needed running in I ran it for a couple months but found no improvement and noticed I was playing records much less. So I reinstated my Hart, satisfaction returned and I decided maybe my expectations had been too high and the Hart was better than I imagined. Eventually my Phono II went up to the loft.
It's back down from the loft now, test voltages rechecked (still within 15%), still quiet and still sounds muddled and uninvolving. It is now playing into a 300B P-P and KLS 3 'millenniums'.
Sting's 'Nothing Like the Sun' is one of my favourite LPs for demonstrating what vinyl can do and 'Englishman in New York' demonstrated to me that the KLPP II cannot be working as the designer intended. When the drums come in everything descends into a boring mush with very little dynamic range.
Any ideas where I should be looking to pinpoint what is wrong?
Many thanks,
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