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Default Re: Lock Down

Hi Bob,

Check me through on this as it’s a while since I did mine.

Disconnect the 0V HT link from the case earth posts in Pre and Phono leaving just the PCB 0V still connected to the socket.

Use the new 5th wire for Mains Earth by connecting it to the case posts on Pre and Phono and to the new socket pin.
(I used the middle of the 5 pins for Mains Earth and kept the same order as original for the 4 existing ones. That way the orignal wiring instructions can be followed and the extra Earth cannot be read the wrong way around.)

PSU case earth post is already connected solidly to Mains Earth and your new 5th (middle) pin also connects to the case earth post. Leave the lift resistor in place. All that changes in PSU is the new Earth wire goes to chassis post.

You should now have the usual way of earthing with all cases at Mains Earth and 0V HT stood off by the 100R list resistor.

It helps to use Green/Yellow for the Mains Earth and Black for 0V if you’re replacing them.

Final check with a meter
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