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Default Re: Pseudo Shunt wiring

I could be wrong here, but I think the nearest context for use of the pseudo word is in to "pseudo-logarithmic". Here, a linear potentiometer is used in conjuction with a pattern of fixed resistors to mimic the effect of a logarithmic potentiometer, conferring some technical advantage over logarithmic (- accuracy of balance??, choice of manufacturing material??) .
The modified shunt is still a true shunt, nothing pseudo about it.
Googling pseudo logarithmic potentiometer gives this near the top of the list plus many others:

Apologies if I have totally misunderstood.


On re-reading, you probably want to Google "modified shunt potentiometer" instead, as I suspect it is not pseudo-whichever you want to know about. I start to recollect there were several ways a shunt could be modified, but the one in FAQ was considered best, probably because any electrical grunge generated at the wiper contact is electrically close to ground and far from the output.

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