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Hello Greg,

The silver wire I used was from HiFi Collective. It is HGC branded in their "hook up wire" section. I used 0.5mm as it is only for signal use. I expect the same stuff or similar is available other places as well.

As you mentioned Maplin, the stuff I took out is single core OFC. I actually have quite a bit of this in the cupboard and as I now would probably not be using it for HiFi any more, you would be welcome to try some of that. I thought it was an upgrade from the "grey bootlace" stuff when I first used it. It is what I used for the feedback wiring in Intenso's KEL84. I have an RCA interconnect cable made up with it that you would be welcome to borrow to for a listen.
It is reasonably easy to work with but it is 5mm diameter so maybe too big for you?

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