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Old 5th October 2018, 08:09 PM
bikerhifinut bikerhifinut is offline
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Default Re: tonbridge audiojumble

interesting though your comments are on insurance gents, can we keep this thread on topic please? I'm sure the thorny issue of the sharp practices of insurance brokers would be of interest to many of us.
That £20 early entry fee seems to be a new idea for this year. the jumble used to have a standard tenner entry at 0930 then the cheap entry at 1030. I think the extra early entry is for people wanting to hoover up what bargains there are before the sharks beat em to it. Won't happen though, the dealers always beat you to it, I know. except last year I bought a very nice Rega TT from greg and Nigel of this parish, it's still working well in the lad's system The thing is do you charge stall holders an arm and a leg and risk pissing them off for a free entry which knowing the general character of joe public would mean a hall full of "Tyre kickers" and its not a huge venue to start with so gets very crowded. John Howes who organises the event is a decent chap and has to cover the costs of hall hire which if Tonbridge council are typical, will be increasing exponentially year on year. I don't think it's run as a money making venture per se, more a meeting up of a varied bunch of enthusiasts and there are usually a few demos and other things happening. Compared to the £80+ fuel bill (2 tankfuls of petrol) and my el cheapo £30 B&B plus saturday nightbeer money a tenner aint much for a days entertainment so to speak. I have to travel fair old distances living where we do to get to any organised event.
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Old 7th October 2018, 11:42 AM
Black Stuart Black Stuart is offline
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Default Re: tonbridge audiojumble

your comment about what the local council charge echos my comment about what Brighton & Hove stiff (and I'm sure other councils charge) car boot organisers for.

What you pay to get to Tonbridge also echos the reason I started a thread about organising non pro Record Fairs here in France which Greg poo-pooed.

France is a much bigger country and the best R/Fs are in centres like Paris/Toulouse/Lyon, the biggest R/F in Europe is up in the Netherlands near the German border.

I know I can approach the maries/mayors of small communes and rent halls at a reasonable price. Postage costs are higher here in France as well, road links are far better as well. There's no substitute for face-to-face business - you see what you are buying, avoid postage costs which are not inconsiderable for heavy audio gear. If you make a bad buy it's your fault and no one else's.

Can't you organise small meet and buys locally - the i/net makes it easy to communicate.

Once I'm finally settled in here in Carmaux I intend to see what is possible. The pro LP/CD sellers here in France are a joke - crap products for high prices. I don't see why you can't organise an event and bar the pros from attending, a bit of a slapping and a boot up the **** will send the right message.

I think Greg is completely wrong, there are loads of people with LPs and now with CDs who would welcome an opportunity to sell and buy without rip-off percentages demanded by the likes of Ebay/Amazon or even discogs - It's worth the effort to see what's possible but no good at all starting with a negative attitude.
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Old 7th October 2018, 04:10 PM
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Greg. Greg. is offline
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Default Re: tonbridge audiojumble

Hey, Iím not that negative. If you can make it work, Stuart, good luck with it. Iím always open to buying second hand vinyl at a nice price. The last Tunbridge event I went to, I managed to sell a lot of excess gear and was pleased with the outcome. Most of the good stuff was bought up by dealers in the first hour, hence the organisers offering early privaleged entry to the punter at inflated price. Most of the stalls were selling crap IMHO. Some stuff worth having was simply over priced and remained unsold at the end of the event whereas and in contrast, I had a pair of Celestion Ditton 33ís that didnít even get into the hall. As they were being unloaded in the car park, they were spotted by a punter and sold there and then.

Moving with the times, I have no reason to buy up old CDís or equipment. Having a quality streaming service, I have no use for them. I donít even have a CDP anymore. My system is very simplified with a good turntable, a good amplifier with incorporated streaming board, DAC and Phono stage and of course, my speakers. Thatís it and very happy I am with this simplified set up. Iím in principle in this game for the best sound I can afford and not for a love of the kit or flawed recorded media.
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Old 8th October 2018, 11:25 AM
Black Stuart Black Stuart is offline
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Default Re: tonbridge audiojumble

that's your personal situation not a general one. I know lots of young people both here and other countries who, for better or worse are buying vinyl and CDs because they like owning physical material.

As the forum knows I would love to be able to replicate or as near as possible what I get playing vinyl through a digital medium. I would gain financially with thousands in my bank account via selling my vinyl and equipment. Then I look at comments from those who have the expertise and they all tell the same tale - digital is convenient BUT.

I know many have streaming but I have as part of my net/phone/TV package here in France access to Brava and Mezzo. Yesterday was a classic - on Mezzo they had a 'collage' of harp with a beautiful winter scene followed by 4 young Dutch women playing weird wooden instruments but making beautiful music then classical guitar from a venue in Granada and then it switched to a Jazz venue in Toronto and then to Montreux. I can't stand opera, so switched to Brava where a young teenager was playing briliant sax - the whole afternoon was fantastic. Having the visual as well as the aural is way ahead and like being in the best venues across the world. Sometimes they show concerts from the 60s and 70s and one realises how much better the sound is now but listening to the likes of Martha Argerich as a young woman or Bernstein.

So as long as I have these 2 music channels as part of the package, next year it goes up to Ä34.99 (this first year Ä17.99) why would I want streaming. There are 4 other music channels, incredible what crap younger generations listen to.
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