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Old 19th February 2009, 08:36 PM
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Default Re: 300b pp v WD88VA Valve Amplifier

I have not heard the WD88 - but the KT88 is the best all power valve i've yet tried, gives excellant detail and can deliver the goods with everything from rock to classical.

The KT90 is said to produce even more power but at the expense of some fine detail, cant say i've ever tried any though but you can usually run them and the older KT66 in the same amp though you may find the bias needs changed a tad.

If you get bored of dynamics and fine detail and think a warm sound with less bass would be nice you can try some old EL34's or the more powerful but equally vailed version the 6CA7.

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Old 19th February 2009, 09:49 PM
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Default Re: 300b pp v WD88VA Valve Amplifier

Surely it's dangerous to generalise or pigeon hole these differences though as one amp with el34's could be designed to be extremely accurate and yet another equally well received amp could be warm and cuddly and perhaps romanticise the sound.

This equally applies to KT88 designs.

I have much less experience with the KT88 but the quality must be equally limited by the skills of the designer and the limitations of the output transformers.

I have heard drastically different sounds from several el34 amp's over the years. from atypical I can't believe it's not solid state to mushy cuddly over rounded warm and pleasant Pipe and Slippers sound.

I suppose from a DIY standing (from my understanding) the KT88 is probably the best tube for decent output push pull and for designers with cost no object projects it's probably the tube of choice (even with lots more expensive tubes out there). However there are plenty of tubes better suited to single ended operation.

In a big room with Massive Tannoy speakers I would be tempted to go Single ended. However it sounds like the extra grip and control of the push pull KT88 is welcome even with that kind of sensitivity.
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Old 20th February 2009, 12:02 PM
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Default Re: 300b pp v WD88VA Valve Amplifier

Yes - I found that the KT88 gave more control over the speakers. I have now fitted some Gold Lion KT88s and am enjoying them very much.
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