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Old 28th January 2020, 11:05 PM
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Default Pre Amp wire

Hi all.
I have a passive pre-amp that I built years ago. It's basically an ALPs pot, a selector switch and some quality phono cable. (screened)
Looking at it, its a mess inside and I'm thinking about re-wiring it. I have seen pictures using un-screened cable and what looks like resistors in line with the switches.

I've also grounded the chassis, connecting the input / output grounds via a 100R / 0.1uF capacitor in parallel.

Is this grounding method OK, or should I totally insulate it and only allow the grounds of the inputs / outputs to connect at the main amp?

Is there a good quality, but thin cable I should be using for the cabling inside, as my thick old cable with shielding has made it a bit of a mess inside.

I have seen selector switches with resistors on them, what are they used for, I have nothing on mine, its simply wires, switches and a pot,
thanks for your hep
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