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Old 4th February 2012, 11:29 AM
Nakman Nakman is offline
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Default Old Shure carts / modern SAS stylus

Yesterday I took delivery of a an SAS stylus for an old Shure M75ed. Boron shank and fancy profile. It replaced another pattern stylus that was conical and therefore really an ej type. This mounted in a r300 on my 401.

I now greatly prefer it to the Denon in the ittock or Ortofon in the Sony PUA arm and hardly use them

So I am running a flag up the pole for this cheaper Shure in a rigid arm and that the Shure brightness <i recall from the 70's in SME's on Thorens> is IMO modified by the reputed dullness of the rega into a very worthy sound. Im listening into the Naim/little Tannoy DC kit - so quite an excitable set compared to the World Design and esl's

The Shure has really great boogie factor for rock and roll. The SAS tip seems set to take it into higher trackabiity and retrieval.

I never liked the V15 back then due to a weird treble. However I never heard a well fettled one or heard the later Shures once the avalanche of MC's arrived. It was to get away from the Shure brightness that I began to use Ortofon - but now I find that house sound too polite at my strugglingartist price range

I fitted the Shure as a throwaway to use whilst designing my 401 plinth and never expected to use it for pleasure. I was wrong and hence buying it this very pukka tip.

If others have dug out basic carts and have views on the early Shure sound in modern rigid and or high spec arms or the SAS styli - I am interested.

If downsizing for instance from a Koetsu etc - well there is hope !
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Old 4th February 2012, 12:16 PM
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Default Re: Old Shure carts / modern SAS stylus

I have a Shure VST-V body that was given to me, and I'm very tempted to try a modern replacement stylus.

Thing is, it's going to be about 100.

Everything in this post is my honest opinion based on what i thought I knew at that very moment in time.
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Old 5th February 2012, 12:20 AM
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Default Re: Old Shure carts / modern SAS stylus

Originally Posted by pre65 View Post
I have a Shure VST-V body that was given to me, and I'm very tempted to try a modern replacement stylus.

Thing is, it's going to be about 100.
I got a SAS tip for my VST V a couple of days ago. Came to 120 plus 37.50 for VAT and fees.
So far I would say it is at least as good as the previous tip, a VN5SEMR.
I'd recommend it if you have the readies.
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