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Old 30th August 2018, 03:21 PM
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Default Isomagic S700

Moving house after 9 years and with lots of stuff left boxed since we left the UK 17 years ago - was it really that long ago a few things have come to light that I had totally forgotten about and one of them was the Isomagic which I don't ever remember using

I think I bought it at Richer sounds for a knock down price, some time in the 90s'. The rubber balls have long gone but I did once get into the sorbothene thingees some of which I kept, which means if I find that (a) the bloody thing doesn't work I've at least got (b) an isolation platform which I can use.

Obviously I've been genning up on mods mainly on diyaudio - leave the Oscons (first DAC to use these caps) and change some of the other caps, especially the 2200uF/25V I've got a Project SE CDP which apparently makes for a very good transport hence my interest in the Isomagic.

The Project only has 2 o/puts - speaker and a coaxial. I refuse to buy commercial i/c cables, any ideas on what cable to use. I've also read and there does seem to be sound reasons to do so - at least 1.5M. I have got loads of Cat 5 which is a digital cable and CT125 - the CT being 75Ohm.

Unfortunately the Project doesn't have a BNC out and to replace the existing RCA would entail a lot of work and I don't like removing complicated PCBs.

The Isomagic chassis signal wire to speaker o/put is Cambridge Audio Pacific which is a stranded wire, to me a complete no-no that will be replaced with my own multi core solid.

What dismayed me is the state of the gold plated RCAs - I think the 'gold plating' must be 0.05microgram, it's nearly all gone, they will be replaced with s/plated copper ones. Strangely the BNC input is still in good condition.

Does anyone have an Isomagic and if so any other ideas.
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