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Old 3rd November 2018, 11:31 PM
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Default Dvd players

On returning from many years living in the States, I brought with me a DVD player which is "region free" - that is, it will play any disc, regardless of its intended market. Of course, this is 120VAC input and along with several other devices, is powered by a 2kW transformer.

Frankly, it is easier to buy a new (cheap) player than involve myself with the complexities of dual-voltage so, I'm wondering if eBay can furnish me with a basic player in which I can put my discs bought in several parts of the world.

No doubt the nanny UK state frowns upon such devices, but are they available here?
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Old 4th November 2018, 09:32 AM
bob orbell bob orbell is offline
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Default Re: Dvd players

Good lord Bago, 2Kw transformer , are you sure it needs this size, I would have thought it consumes less than 1 amp. Bob
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Old 4th November 2018, 11:05 AM
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Default Re: Dvd players

Hi Baggo.

My current DVD player (some years old now) was was supplied as region 2 only.

I obtained a DVD that was region 1 (by mistake ) and when looking on the interweb I found a way to make the player region free (called a hack) so I tried it and it worked.

I'm not sure if any DVD player can be so modified but Google is your friend here.

Some DVD players are also very good CD players (and possibly DVD audio and SACD as well) and good as CD transports (with a DAC).

PS How's the Nimbus ?

Everything in this post is my honest opinion based on what i thought I knew at that very moment in time.
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Old 4th November 2018, 05:16 PM
colin.hepburn colin.hepburn is offline
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Default Re: Dvd players

Hi Baggo
Yes I did the hack) same as philip on a player some years ago and it worked ,as well
I think what I would do today ,is google some models I maybe interested in then see if there's a hack for the one you may want to buy

PS or you could copy all your DVDs to the correct region 2 i think by resetting your computer DVD writer properties settings
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Old 5th November 2018, 09:38 PM
Baggy Trousers's Avatar
Baggy Trousers Baggy Trousers is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Tiverton
Posts: 352
Default Re: Dvd players

I really don't know why I didn't think of it in the first place - probably another damned consequence of getting old. But, surprisingly, I have been able to order a Panasonic gizmo claiming to be able to play anything from anywhere and for less than thirty five quid from Amazon.

Thanks for the hacking tips. Sadly, the genius that once allowed me to build a single-ender using the awesome 808 has deserted me to the point where I would now be quite unable to hack my way into a paper bag, never mind resetting computer thingies. Earlier this evening, I became cross because I could not change the telly channels with the phone. But thanks, chaps, for your consideration. I'm grateful.

Bob, I should explain that apart from running a couple of DVD/CD players and a couple of other small consumers, the 2kW tranny also powers a radial arm and a quite large table saw. Don't ask why I have contrived this peculiar arrangement.

Grateful too, Philip, for the interest in Balthazar's well-being. At 70 years old, he too is feeling his age and so was not in the best of health before I took him to Spain for 1,000 miles of pretty gruelling exercise in the Picos de Europa last month. He now pretends he's a stroker and in need of some serious attention to pistons/bores. He arrived home with a broken valve spring but as these are external, I was able to replace same without taking off the head. This was important because I know that if the head was removed, I would not be able to pretend that things internally might be better than they are and be stuck with a total overhaul which I cannot afford. Dealing with one cylinder is bad enough but when there are FOUR of them . . . .
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