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Sources Your DIY source designs (turntables etc.)

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Old 10th November 2019, 12:58 PM
bikerhifinut bikerhifinut is offline
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Default Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8

Well the lad had a play on the old desktop PC and got the SB connected through the network so its functioning as a streamer into the DAC. We had a bit of bother getting the android controller going but its working.Its very clunky though, but I find all these modern file type media devices are very strange. why they cant just index the albums as if they were physically on the shelves so to speak beats me. I really do not like having to pick my way through thousands of "Songs" just to get a music programme going. Things like classical pieces that really only make sense by playing them in order rather than having to jump about and trying to force the order.
Yeah I know I'm a dinosaur... I think theres probably refinements I can get on the system, somebody out there has done it.
I still think the concept of the Squeezebox is very good, and the actual build quality of a SB touch feels of a high standard. Even its own Built in DAC is perfectly adequate for most non critical listening such as the BBC MP3 internet feeds and if I am accessing a compressed music library for background listening.
I confess my preferred media are still Lps! Followed by Good old CD, which for all its vaunted limitations of quality, I feel is maligned as much like LP, its only as the medium is being forced in a way to be obsolete that the hardware designers and serious manufacturers find ways to extract a really pleasurable musical experience from what is at least a relatively uncompressed medium.
I am sure others will disagree, but so far my experience with hi res audio hasn't been all that revelatory and I find the relative convenience! of just dropping a CD into the player and pressing start to be so much easier, and fortunately I have space for a physical music library.

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Old 10th November 2019, 03:30 PM
Richard Richard is offline
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Default Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8

Good to hear that Andy.

You definitely should have no problem selecting and playing an album or track almost the same as you'd choose the music from a CD on the shelf,

As you suspect there are a couple of settings that help it work like a CD player and a couple of nuances of control too which aren't immediately obvious.

There are different ways to get to a track but I too am used to choosing as if I was using a CD player or LP player. After using the app for a few years this is how I do it. It looks a lot of tapping to remember but it's actually quite logical like going to the shelf and choosing the song from a CD.

Firstly, the 2 settings are set by tapping the 3 dots top right of the screen to open the menu;

then tap "Settings",

scroll down to "Squeezer interface",

tap "Album select action" and choose "Play"

tap "Song select action" and choose "Play"

Now use Squeezer from the home screen which is as far back as the bottom left arrow will let you take the menus before it closes the app. You can always get back to that home screen by repeatedly tapping the back arrow. If it closes the app you've gone too far so just open it again...

that menu shows Artists, Albums, Songs etc in descending order,

tap "Artists",

scroll down to find the one you want,

tap the artist's name which will show all their albums,

(now a nuance!);

tap the album name and it will play the album straight off like a cd player,


tap the small arrow to the right and it will open a menu for the album,

tap "Browse songs",

(then, another nuance);

tap the song name and it will play that song,


tap the small arrow to the right and it will open another menu for the song,

tap "Play from here" and it will play the album from that point onwards just like a cd player.

From using it that way you can see the basics of the logic and wade in from Albums or Songs etc as suits you instead
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