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Old 27th February 2009, 06:30 PM
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Default Re: Icon Audio Stereo 25

id vouch for the icon aswell, it was the amp that got me into the valve thing, and it wasnt even mine! personally id go for the cheaper option and then change the el34s for a set of kt 77s, icon will also set the bias and everything for you too if you change the valves. ive used loads of el34s and other equivalents such as the 77 88, 5881 6ca5 6l6's ect and the difference to my ears at least between the 77s and 88s is minimal. the 88s nudge ahead but for the costs between them, (about 25 a pair for the 77s and whatever rediculous price 88s are at the mo) the 77s are more value. plus ive never had any failures with any of them due to ss rectification. icon really are good at their business too, customer service is spot on. i should know, i work in customer services and my company arent half as good at it as icon are! best wishes for getting something you'll love too. btw, i just tried my rocky amp into a set of seiko i/b speakers that are close on specs to linn kans with no ill effects at all, thats se with about 6 or 7 watts too!
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