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Old 23rd January 2006, 11:28 AM
Black Stuart Black Stuart is offline
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Cool Active Pre/head Amp & Phono Mk111

Hi all,
I think all who use this b/b will be aware of the problems with WAD's Pre-Module and the bad layout of HD83.All of these problems could and should have been resolved BEFORE they were offered for sale to Joe Public.

I'd like to start with the Phono first - a new p/stage built around the 5751 valve, hard wired or point-to-point.

Active pre with first class txs THAT DO NOT INDUCE HUM. Complete with extension rods so all signal wiring is kept to minimum length. Valve/s chosen for best sound quality and easily obtainable. I see no reason why a seperate head/amp stage should'nt be a feature, with 2 jacks - most important this point.

A seperate PSU with over specced txs/chokes - we all now know how imperative first class power supplies are. Perhaps a choice here (a) standard, (b) de luxe.

Why a pre + h/amp - most people do not live in detached properties. Many have young children and or zero acoustic insulation. Therefore I say a h/amp is an absolute must.

With HD83 because WAD did'nt want to spec a seperate shell, the layout is all wrong. Wires trailing right across the PCB. If a different shell had been created the jack - why only one? could have been close to the txs and all signal wires very short indeed.

Hard wired/point-to-point - to hard for beginners, not with graphic illustration as well as text - this really should be seen by any kit producer as gospel. Allow enough room at the design stage for large esoteric components to be fitted later

And why only kits - I'll bet that for every kit buyer, there would be 5 or more punters for fully built pieces.

Black Stuart
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