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Suppliers Recommended Component Suppliers (and the ones to be avoided)

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Old 2nd November 2018, 05:09 PM
Black Stuart Black Stuart is offline
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Default Re: huanshop2015

did'nt give the seller a positive, only a neutral and explained why, I did'nt alter my opinion of the product as received.

Another company, Dutch, did'nt follow my own rules. Ordered some caps for my speakers and the D/V without first looking for user reviews - very stupid that

Loudspeaker Freaks/Europe Audio. Supposedly the order was sent out by GLS on October 19th, with tracking. Tried to track, GLS did'nt recognise the info. Looked up user reviews on diyaudio - lots of bad news.

October 29th sent an email threatening them with contacting the Rotterdam police. I used to live in Rotterdam and my Dutch is'nt so bad even after all these years.

Decided to re-order from same day.

Imagine my surprise when returning from walking our dogs,I saw a delivery van pull up and saw the driver with 2 GLS packets in his hands - one from and the other from Loudspeaker Freaks.

The had taken the correct 3 days to arrive and obviously the threat of a visit from the Rotterdamse politie had made L/S send me my order.

I'm out 22 and have caps I don't need but I will never not follow my own sensible advice again - always check the seller before buying AND were some centimes cheaper to boot.
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Old 2nd November 2018, 07:07 PM
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Phil Y Phil Y is offline
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Default Re: huanshop2015

Hello Stuart,

Oh well, at least you finally have your caps.
You never know, the "spares" might come in for something.

Regards, Phil.
Commission for Dark Skies (CfDS)
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Old 3rd November 2018, 06:08 PM
Black Stuart Black Stuart is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: France
Posts: 1,144
Default Re: huanshop2015

after I've trialled the new caps might well be able to sell the spares onto another D/V owner but I still feel a fool for not checking first. Some poor sods have waited a year - and still nothing from Europe-Audio.

One of the things I always liked about WAD/W/D was the suppliers thread - positive and negative.

Used to live in Spain and the Olive Press was a goldmine for those living in southern Spain and for those thinking of living there.

Myself and a few others used to warn of all the various scams and brain damage that awaited buyers of crap Spanish properties but some still refused to accept what we said. The Olive Press itself never pulled any punches but on some English language forums those who had got taken were berated by other Brits - those who were trying desperately to get out from under by selling on to those who did'nt know the SP.

Here in France there are so many Brits who buy because 'ye old stone house looks 'lovely' - sweltering in summer/freezing cold in winter but never say this on forums and turn on anyone who mentions this. 99% of new build in France is a bad joke, especially if your into music. The 'insulation' they use after the outer skin of dense concrete or honeycombed clay blocks (both really crap materials) consists of vapour barrier/rock wool and hilariously, galvanised steel plate battons and then one skin of plasterboard which is never jointed (cowboy country). This sucks the bass out of any music, oh yes and ceramic tiled floors which apart from being cold add a hard edge to any music - but still the dummies buy. The only realistic way to listen to music is via a h/amp - so it goes.
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