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Old 13th March 2020, 05:15 PM
Glue Glue is offline
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Default Re: Punchy bass

In many forums I have found some strange deviation of posts who end up in this one or the other direction.
Mostly for some "regulars" glueing their asses (assets?) to their `domain`- BEING RIGHT and SAYING IT
Well well well
To give my opinion to punchy bass I have found after building a lot of small and larger speakers trying to max out bass performance without `loosing it`is that closed cabinets are so much more capable of being punchy.
Yes, modern speaker designs have improved a lot from the 50`s and 60`s designs as they could be smaller ...
But I generally found a different `culprit`!
To me it rather depends on the `stuffing` that is either
1) too much
2) too less
3) too poor in quality
4) too old
or simply unsuitable for the task .
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Old 19th March 2020, 11:18 AM
VantheMan VantheMan is offline
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Default Re: Punchy bass

Hi Glue, One of my ears is named after you.

Anyway, how does one know if one has too much stuffing or too little and what in your opinion is the best stuffing to use. I followed the kit instructions for my wd25TEx closed boxes which seemed to me perhaps too little but coming from ported Hb2s full to the brim with acoustic foam, what would I know.


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