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Membership Issues For discussion of any issues with membership of this forum

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Old 4th June 2007, 08:47 AM
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Default Discussion Topics (Re: My Garrard Solution Update)


A number of times recently some BB members have questioned via posts and PMs whether some discussions are approprate for the WD board.

It's a hard line to tread, ultimately I assume you want the board to promote and assist WD - that's reasonable, especially as you fund it and put time in on the admin!

How do you feel about postings about:

1) "Hardcore" scratch builds (don't compete with WD directly but could loose you a sale)
2) Deeply detailed non-WD design issues
3) Recommending products (ie they work for me and not competing with WD)
4) Recommending retailers with good prices (a lot of these links have been deleted of late)

I'm trying to understand the boundaries of what we can post, you are kindly letting us use the BB for discussions which do not directly assist WD, we should understand the boundaries so we don't abuse your hospitality.

Best regards,

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Old 7th June 2007, 09:28 PM
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Default Re: Discussion Topics (Re: My Garrard Solution Update)

Thanks, Clive, that's a good question and I'm happy to clear it up.

I think it is more helpful if we all think of this BB as a portal, both to WD and the kits and components we offer, and as an aid to existing WD and WAD users for problem solving and to promote quality DIY and kit built hi-fi in general.

So, on that basis, almost anything goes. If we can turn this BB into a store of knowledge that kit valve amplifier and speaker builders around the world can turn to when they need information then it will be doing its job properly.

On the other hand I don't want it to become an advertising place for every Brand Name to advertise its wares. That's why we have the rule about posting commercial links. First and foremost this BB is about WAD and WD kits, with ventures off to home built designs, including scratch built and restored vintage products. Let other commercial kit suppliers run their own forums if they want the same input from members, not crowd into this one!

As for recommending commercial products the Useful Links section is the best place for that, and what it was set up for. You are quite right that we have deleted links placed in other forum categories where they have pointed to commercial sites (that is sites which have prices and shopping carts or catalogs) because that just draws attention away from the member's threads and the main purpose of the BB. So put them in Useful Links if you feel they can benefit this DIY community, for example supplying hard to get components.

We are mature enough to realise that some of our forum members would rather stick with learning from scratch builds and wouldn't dream of building one of our kits. That's fine because it fits in with the outline of this BB which would be really boring if it was just about WAD and WD. And if you want to go on at length about your circuit ideas then, great, go ahead as many others have done. It all adds to the interesting flavour of this BB.

I hope that clears things up.
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