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Membership Issues For discussion of any issues with membership of this forum

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Old 8th February 2008, 03:48 PM
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Default Gold updates email

Hi Peter,

I don't understand why, when I follow your directions in the email sent to me, copied below I only get to the demo page. I purchased the Gold CD for christmas, does this mean that I can't look at any updates it the way your inviting me to do so below.

Yours Paul Bannister

On 8 Feb 2008, at 14:14, World Designs Admin wrote:

Hi Paul

We've just updated the WD GOLD Archive with all the Speaker Design
Articles up until December 2007.

Log into your GOLD Membership to see them. You'll find them listed
by Hi-Fi World Volume and Month number, so December is 1712 (Volume
17, Month 12) for example.

As usual we've also added a popup description if you hold your
mouse over each title. You can log in here:

This is for GOLD members only, so if you are still a FREE member
then just click the Upgrade option and you'll be able to move up
to GOLD status to see all the HFW DIY Articles, right back to
Issue No 2. There's GOLDen advice and information in those DIY

All the best

World Designs

Last edited by petercom; 14th February 2008 at 09:18 AM. Reason: removed 'unsubscribe' link!
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Old 14th February 2008, 09:17 AM
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Default Re: Gold updates email

Just to clarify

There are two methods of obtaining the WDGOLD Archive DIY Back Issue information. One is to purchase it on CD from our Catalogue, in which case you will receive the DIY Supplement Back Issues from Issue No. 2 right up to the date on which you ordered the CD.

The other is to subscribe to the online WDGOLD Archive, in which case you can access all the DIY Supplement Back Issues from Issue No. 2 up until the present date. In addition we regularly update the online Archive with new DIY supplements, so you can access these as soon as they go online.

I hope you see the difference. An annual subscription keeps you up to date online. If you want to keep up to date by having it all on CD then you could, of course, buy a new CD every year! It comes to roughly the same thing but, of course, we can't send out new CDs every month, so that's where the online WDGOLD Archive Online Subscription makes sense if you want to keep up to date on a regular basis.

If you are already a 'free' member of the WDGOLD Archive (which allows you to look at the index to see what's there, but not read the articles) then you'll still get these update messages of course.

BTW the online Archive allows you to download all the DIY Articles as pdf files, so you don't have to stay online to read them! The CD was really meant for those who don't have fast internet access (typical pdf size is between 1 and 3Mb) and/or prefer to have all the articles to hand.

It's struck me that there may be others, like Paul, who have perhaps misunderstood the roles of the CD and online versions in which case, if they feel that they've bought the CD by mistake and would rather subscribe, we can transfer them to the subscription service and consider their purchase of the CD as having already paid for the first year's access. Just contact me with your purchase receipt number, or purchase date if you can't find it, if you want to transfer to an online subscription.
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