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Old 2nd March 2021, 05:56 PM
Richard Richard is offline
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Default Re: Which Amp?

A very nice amp the Kit/Kat88

Re the Jensens in the ex-Shane Kel84, do they actually have a problem? Have you inspected them for any leaks of oil and checked them with a mVdc meter for any leakage of voltage more than a few 10's mV whilst idling? Very easy to do and may save you a packet if they're ok I did notice the right channel EL84 cathode resistors look like they've been hot compared with the left so add a check on the EL84 valves in a dark room to see if the plates are glowing red on that side, if not that may just be an old problem.
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Old 24th March 2021, 11:07 AM
Pingushome Pingushome is offline
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Default Re: Which Amp?

Hi Richard,
Firstly my apologies for the late reply, life and family get in the way at times.
Having done all your suggested checks all seems fine and the caps have no visual sines of leaking either at the moment (fingers crossed), also the amp sounds fine
I was only thinking of changing the caps as others were saying they were old and should be changed.
Now I will save a few pennies and just keep an eye on them for now, new small speaker and cartridge are on the list.

I have now got a part finished KiT88 the older pcb based version, as a project with a spare pcb and a spare chassis, so maybe two mono amps if I can find txs. However for now the kit 88 needs completing so next job in line.

Thanks again
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