World Designs 2021
World Designs offers a range of high quality amplifier kits for music lovers. Our amplifiers combine the perfect blend of performance, style and value. High quality components and simple step by step instructions lead to a highly professional product which will grace any living room with exceptional sound and good looks. All that for a fraction of the cost of similar performing amplifiers - simply great fun for a bargain price. For more details on our range please visit our Products page. All our kits come with comprehensive Assembly and Test instructions, click here for an example. We also offer a professional build service for all our products for the less adventurous music lover who is looking for exceptional sound and style. Visit our Build Service page for full details. Should things not go quite to plan we offer comprehensive support during the build (and after) and customers can share their experiences and draw on the expertise of our forum, details on our Support & Forum page. We also offer a range of selected components as spare parts or for DIY-ers embarking on that special product.

Welcome to World Designs - suppliers of high quality valve amplifiers for music lovers.