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John Caswell 8th July 2020 09:08 AM

Re: Cathode Follower
Just thinking, about it I cannot see any reason why you could not use Screened Cat/6 as an "interconnect" after all they have all the necessary attributes, insulated cores, a screen, insulated covering. It would probably sound OK as well in short lengths. It would probably work well as a balanced cable as all the cores are effectively twisted pairs. Must try some experiments.


emollusc 8th July 2020 01:42 PM

Re: Cathode Follower

Originally Posted by pre65 (Post 91388)
I needed to make up some long interconnects from preamp to monoblocks sited by the speakers, about 4Mtrs.

I searched online for info on good, but inexpensive, and ended up ordering some Sommer 300-0024 Tricone MkII Unbalanced Cable (Green). It should be delivered today/tomorrow, so I won't know what it sounds like for a while, but at £0.98 Mtr it's worth a go, and it looks good ! Other colours are available.

What type of plugs to fit is another conundrum.;)


Really low capacitance as well!

I have ordered 10m of the Sommer 300-0272 Tricone XXL Advanced Instrument Cable (Blue) for less than £20 delivered. It's basically the same as the Tricone MkII but with a 0.5mm≤ core.

My plugs are coming from China and so will be a while, but if I like the combination I can slowly replace some of my more annoying interconnects.

A Stuart 8th July 2020 09:54 PM

Re: Cathode Follower

Originally Posted by emollusc (Post 91410)

As a matter of interest - can anyone explain how the Insulation resistance is 1Gohm per km length, but only ~0.3Gohm per 1000 feet (~one third of a km)?

Not like me to be nit-picking or anything :confused:. Just a typo or am I misunderstanding some fundamental?

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