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bikerhifinut 10th June 2020 12:07 PM

Setting up Squeezebox Touch

Originally Posted by Richard (Post 91096)
The latest Squeezer android app 2.1.0 finally has it nailed as a controller on phone and tablet and includes selectable tile size, selectable play functions and easy search of Radio with saving of stations to Favourites. The new volume control is lovely to use. Streaming info is given whilst playing, and browsing with the phone whilst using the app and streaming music is no problem :thumbsup:

will check it out and see if the new Samsung phone works with it. I like the SB concept but its a sod for an old dinosaur like me

Richard 10th June 2020 02:34 PM

Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8
Hi Andy,

SBT can be set up many different ways and the guides are not always easy as they assume you want to stream from the likes of Spotify and take you the long way around if you really want to play your own library from a PC or Laptop.

So it’s best to work the other way around, tell us what you want to do and what your home internet and network is. Just yes/no to the following mostly,

Is it working at all at the moment and what does it play?

Do you want to,

stream music files from a site such as Spotify and/or

play music from a card or other plug-in drive and/or

play a FLAC library from PC or Laptop and/or

play internet radio

Do you have a home network available/set up? Commonly provided by your internet service provider as a modem and wireless hub combined? Who’s?

Is your phone/tablet/computer/printer etc on it and working ok? Is it wired/wifi or both?

An add-on external DAC and phone controller is easy to add and the last part to do.

A working standard SBT remote is useful for setting up rather than using the touch screen. The screen is good for seeing where you are.

Once set up a phone/tablet controller is much faster.

It’s a pain but it’s a very on/off thing, it will suddenly work when you get it right. I’d drop you a PM but I only know my own set up and think I'd miss something but I’m sure the guys here will have answers for what you want. If you want to give it a go I'll move the thread to a new one in Sources later.

bikerhifinut 10th June 2020 11:27 PM

Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8
A lot of questions Richard,


The Home network is a standard BT superfast Broadband, I usually get at Least 60 Mb/s, its supposed to be 76 but I seldom get it at that speed, probably due to all the other devices on the network.
Apart from the computer station at the office desk which is wired from the main router via a secondary switching unit, ok its the landing but its where the printer etc lives. Everything else runs wirelessly and I use a BT extender disc for the upstairs stuff, our main entertainment centre is actually on the first floor where we recently built a new bigger dormer extension. It seems to work fine for internet radio/Netflix etc without drop outs.
So the SBT will be wirelessly connected to the network although it would be feasible to run an ethernet wire round the skirting boards if needed.
The Stereo is based around a pair of Quad 989 ESL usually driven by either the home brew EL34 power amp and whatever preamp I fancy/am working on, or the trusty WD KT88 now converted to integrated with a hifi collective remote volume board fitted... and it sounds bloody good.
I also have some quad 405's.....

Source material is as often as not LP, and the deck/arm/cartridge is of no issue here.
Digital is taken care of via a Rega Saturn R which has the DAC facility, I find it to be just about as good as anything out there, and indeed I was very taken with the way it makes "ordinary" CD sound really good given a good recording to begin with. The DAC section has 2 SP/DIF optical and 2 electrical inputs and a single USB input that on this device will run right up to 192kHz so well catered for there.
I have the Squeezebox connected via an electrical SP/DIF as the opticals are taken up with the TV and el cheapo Bluray player.
So I have the facility to Use the SB via a network player i.e. the laptop or my linx W10 tablet style mini netbook. I haven't decided on what software to use but Foobar seems to interface well with the DAC.
I would prefer to use good old FM for the radio as my main listening is either BBC R3 usually late evening, or casual Local BBC radio in the day if around indoors. However we have a totally **** signal due to living in a steep sided valley and even a huge Ron Smith aerial on the roof cant get me a clean stereo signal, and mono usually has issues too.
So its the internet feed or use the freeview via the TV's digital audio output, possibly also Freesat via the old Humax box.
I did discover with a new laptop PC that BBC sounds does broadcast the local radio at 320kBs but still only a MP3 feed but its good enough for casual listening and lets face it they only use music off the station computer....
I can do this direct to the DAC but it entails trailing a USB cable across the lounge, not elegant and if it were possible to stream this wirelessly to the SBT that would be a bonus.
Most of my stored music is either on a USB HDD or a rather nifty FiiO personal player I got with a subscription to Hi Fi World, I was very surprised at its audio quality and solid build feel. And it will stream the files direct via its mini USB port. or Bluetooth at a pinch (in the car that's great).
Again none of my stored music apart from a couple of test files is better than CD quality 16 bit uncompressed .wav and maybe my ears are shot but I find it to be bloody good.

I taped over the remote sensor on the SBT, it's a pain in the rear end because Philips RC system remotes interfere with the SBT and that's another reason to investigate control via the network and android Phone. The Phone is a new Samsung galaxy A20 which aint cutting edge but does all I ever needed from a mobile phone and then some.
So that's pretty much where I am with it, I don't use online streaming services at least not yet, maybe I should but I am too old to keep fiddling when I rather just bung the music on and listen.
I reckon it should work ok, when I gotthe SBT new and it was still backed up by Logitech I did get it running ok using media player and also iTunes but found they always wanted to default to something I didn't want nor did I want to give out my credit card details to Mr Apple.
OK if still awake Richard that's about it, I'm inno hurry to get it sorted as I am strangely busy with various family problems that are complicated by the current Kafka-esque situation and "Rules" that aren't rules when its a medical emergency or someone needs hands on care.... A word to those with elderly etc dependents just ignore borises daft regulations and 2 fingers to curtain twitching neighbours when your loved ones lives and sanity are at risk because the NHS ran away someone has to go in.

bikerhifinut 11th June 2020 05:02 PM

Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8
Got it going on the tune in radio ok.

Now then, how did you get it to interface with the BBC Hi res feeds? or do I have to use the netbook or laptop and somehow feed it via the SBT?

Richard 11th June 2020 06:21 PM

Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8
Hi Andy,

Crikey, you have a good selection of gear there to go at! I got all the radio stations going using the Squeezer app. I didn't need to go through any extra setting anywhere. Yes Radio 3 is 320 and very good I think you will like it. Fast forward to 4) below. This overall set up may not be what you want but is the only way I can explain it and hope others will wade in with any short cuts or a different set up.

Rather than trying to use multiple music sources into SBT (I found that difficult and frustrating changing settings and waiting for it to scan etc) gather them all together in a Music library containing all the files SBT can play, MP3, FLAC etc on one PC or laptop which is on your network with SBT.

In Music you can mix albums/tracks in a folder or have separate folders for FlacPop, MP3Pop, FlacClassical, MP3Classical, etc.

1) Make the Music library near the root C: so if your user folder is Andy make it C:\users\Andy\Music. A track address might be C:\users\Andy\Music\FlacPop\Bruce Springsteen\The River\Disc 1\The ties that bind.flac

(If you archive everything in FLAC it’s easy to convert it to other file formats as it’s lossless and has meta tagging. Pointless archiving WAV files as they take more space and have no tagging. Pointless archiving in MP3 as they are lossy and can never be restored fully. Flacsquisher can be pointed at a complete FLAC library of hundreds of albums and convert/provide a copy of it all in MP3 in any compression CBR or VBR in one go, with tags and art. Or just a single track. Thus a library for the car or phone.)

2) Load LMS to that machine, open it, and point it to the Music folders you want it to use in the Library page. Set it to scan and they’ll be available on SBT.

(Best not to leave it to scan the whole PC or you’ll end up with every picture and bit of music on there. See the pull down lets you discard everything and scan afresh which is usually the best option.)

3) Open an account at with your email address and password. Enter these details also in the Account page on LMS. You should now be able to add your SBT to It will appear there with lots of tabs for info and making tweaks and changes most of which you never touch.

4) Start simple; SBT and the server PC/laptop and phone must be on the same network. The server can work by wire and the rest by wifi, mine is done that way too, so long as they are on the same network. Make the Music library with just one FLAC or MP3 folder containing one album. Load LMS to your server PC/laptop. Join and enter the details in LMS. Connect SBT to the amp using its own phono outs. Get it playing the files from the library using the SBT remote or touch screen before moving on to the phone app.

Then load Squeezer to the phone. Go to Radio on the phone and put BBC Radio 3 in search. When you see the right station add it to Favourites. It will save it there with the station icon. Search and load others so you can choose from dozens of radio stations by just using Favourites.

Then is the time to put a dac between SBT and amp if you want. Optical or Spdif is very easy, just the connection. Usb dac connection takes a bit more doing as it needs a firmware update, EDO loading to SBT, and settings on SBT adjusting to connect it to the actual dac.

All this is quite involved but when it’s up and running there’s very little to do other than power up select and play.

bikerhifinut 12th June 2020 11:07 AM

Re: Setting up Squeezebox Touch
Looks like I am going to be on a learning curve Richard! Afraid to say that matters computer and I don't generally get along!
I think maybe your offer of help via PM may be needed rather than froth up the more competent users in here!
Watch this space.


Richard 13th June 2020 11:38 AM

Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8

Originally Posted by bikerhifinut (Post 91126)
Got it going on the tune in radio ok.

Now then, how did you get it to interface with the BBC Hi res feeds? or do I have to use the netbook or laptop and somehow feed it via the SBT?

Hi Andy Yes PM me anytime but I think there's only you and me down here :D

You can try opening LMS Control Panel>Advanced>Web Remote Control then add it to favourites in your browser for quick access next time.

Any library music you have will show and play and you can search radio stations and find them but it may not play or save them (mine doesn't).

(I "think" (dangerous) no longer works the way LMS was set up for. It doesn't seem to allow radio stations or saving of Favourites. If the Squeezer app is used it will play radio and allow saving to Favourites which it stores instead on LMS.)

So, worth a look on Web Remote but I know working through to using the Squeezer app will definitely get you all radios at full res and let you save them.

bikerhifinut 20th September 2020 07:30 PM

Re: Setting up Squeezebox Touch
The SB touch is bound for the bin.
I'm sick of its crankiness.
I had need to disconnect it today whilst cleaning and tidying up the gear on the shelf.
On switching back on it just won't play ball.
Won't log onto because it seems to lose the wifi connection continuously, and its not my connection as we have 70meg BB and even my crappy android phone will download at 30 meg up here in the den.
I think its finally thrown its hand in, strange though it was working fine this morning.
I dont use it for much more than internet radio but there's nowt out there that does the same job of getting the radio feed, at least not affordably and I am not snaking 15 feet of USB cable from my laptop into the back of the DAC just to have R4 R3 or local BBC radio on.
I have to say that all this modern digital stuff is unnecessarily complicated to use, all I want is an on off switch and a means to tune in the desired station at the best sound quality available.
Think I'll trawl eBay for a cheap freeview box and plug that in to the DAC I'd just use the satellite box but for some bizarre reason the BBC doesn't transmit its local stations via the sat.
FM is a joke here so that's not an option.

Greg. 20th September 2020 08:27 PM

Re: Setting up Squeezebox Touch
Andy, I would recommend you look at a nice Raspberry Pi based streamer. Apart from you getting a far better quality sound than offered with the Squeezebox, you can still use Squeezelite if that is your preference (many other options available). For under (it used to be but Im a bit out of touch so it might be dearer now, but I doubt by much) 100 you should be able to set up a great server complete with built in dac if you like.

Have an explore here. They have everything you need and more.

Then for easy and affordable purchase, look at.....

Hope that helps.

Richard 20th September 2020 09:19 PM

Re: Setting up Squeezebox Touch

Originally Posted by bikerhifinut (Post 91685)
I think its finally thrown its hand in, strange though it was working fine this morning.


Hi Andy, it may be worth probing the PSU output for correct voltage and ripple as it seems they fail after a few years,

"With all working well I thought I'd investgate the failure a bit more by loading the supplies a little and checking DC and AC with the meter again. I clipped the meter leads to the ends of 100R resistor and connected them into the psu output plug. That should load the supply a modest 50mA or 0.25W, not much, but the results were interesting. I used the 2VAC range this time as the 200mV range is erratic;

Good Logitech supply 5.1VDC and 2mVAC
Bad Logitech supply 5V DC and 238mVAC(!)
New RS supply 5.2VDC and 4mVAC"

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