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Shane 22nd October 2020 07:42 PM

Fs: Kel84 **SOLD**
Due to an impending downsize home move, I’ve had to make some hard decisions, one of which is to part with my beloved WAD KEL84.
It’s one of the earlier versions, having a proper tape monitor loop with record output and A/B monitor switch. I’ve updated it by fitting a purpose-built input switching relay board. I had to build this myself as the WD one doesn’t allow for the tape output.
It’s also had the PCB upgraded to the latest WD version which has a better layout using star earthing. In the process I fitted Jensen PIO bypass caps to the output valves and Soniqs polypropylene coupling caps.
The volume control is an ALPS motorised pot which is wired as a shunt pot. This means that the signal doesn’t travel through the pot itself. Instead, it feeds through a high-quality resistor, after which the pot shunts varying amounts of the signal to earth according to the volume setting.
The motor leads for the pot are connected to a 2.5mm socket on the rear panel, and there is a separate remote control unit. The mains lead also passes through this which allows for remote volume and power switching. If not wanted, the remote unit can be disconnected and replaced by a simple mains lead, when the volume control will work as normal.
The pre-amp valves are Mullard ECF80s and were in the amp when I bought it ten years ago. The EL84s are by Reflektor and were firred in 2013, since when they’ve probably had about 500 hours use, so they should have plenty of life left in them.
Cosmetically it’s in reasonable nick. The transformer covers are silver painted rather than chrome, and the transformer laminations could do with a touch-up but otherwise it’s good. The front panel is unmarked and the beautiful WAD chrome knobs are perfect tactile delights!
I’m very unwilling to commit this amp to the mercies of a carrier, so it’s collection only from South Devon, or I may be able to deliver if not too far for the cost of the diesel. I could also arrange for collection to be from my son’s place in South Somerset.#
I’m asking for 300.

Pingushome 22nd October 2020 11:57 PM

Re: Fs: Kel84
Hi Shane you got mail now

Shane 23rd October 2020 08:14 AM

Re: Fs: Kel84
PM sent.

Shane 22nd January 2021 11:02 AM

Re: Fs: Kel84
Now sold!

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