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Pingushome 12th July 2021 08:47 PM

Re: Alps, RH2702 50K pot.

Originally Posted by colin.hepburn (Post 92938)
Yep, that’s what I did as well of your eBay part code off-topic from the Alps pot but I purchased a set of valves for the new phono a set of JJ ecc83S, and a 5751 with matched triodes? From Banzai music in Germany

Not thinking I hit the buy button and after looking at the receipt I noticed that they are vat free but as the order value is under 50 euro so don’t know if I will get stung for this the order is still in progress as I type this. just too quick to press the buy button anyone knows how the EU. Works with the UK on this now:D'oh!::eek:

Hi Collin,
On the PO site it says no vat no duty under £135 if it’s a biz not a gift, so depend how rich you were feeling when you pressed “buy”

colin.hepburn 14th July 2021 07:17 PM

Re: Alps, RH2702 50K pot.
Hi All
Just to say I go the alps pots today from the UK seller that bob provided the eBay number for And am happy with them as they have a fairly nice click rotation feel .to them, and they seem very good value for the money what's not to like I may get a couple more in the 100k range :thumbsup:

bob orbell 14th July 2021 08:15 PM

Re: Alps, RH2702 50K pot.
Glad they are what you expected Colin, I wanted a 100K but 50K works just fine. Bob

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