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Richard 6th January 2021 06:02 PM

Browser Problems - Fixed
I've been using Firefox mainly for several years. Recently this forum has been acting strangely in the message window when posting; erratic spacing, quote not working, preview causing the message window to go blank and needing the message to be re-entered before posting etc etc

Anyway, I've reluctantly tried MS Edge browser (Win 10 OS) and the message window is now behaving itself perfectly.

In addition (but maybe for a different reason) the forum generally has been erratic loading and viewing and I will try longer term to see if this has improved.

If anyone is having similar issues please try the MS browser and see if it helps and do let us know please.

bob orbell 6th January 2021 06:05 PM

Re: Browser Problems
None of your mentioned issues Richard, but lost the forum three times over Christmas :D'oh!:. Bob

Richard 6th January 2021 06:09 PM

Re: Browser Problems

Originally Posted by bob orbell (Post 92211)
None of your mentioned issues Richard, but lost the forum three times over Christmas :D'oh!:. Bob

Thanks Bob, which Browser are you using?

pre65 6th January 2021 06:24 PM

Re: Browser Problems
I've been using Google Chrome for several years now, and never had any problems with this site that were browser related.

I think Edge is Chromium based.

Richard 22nd January 2021 02:34 PM

Re: Browser Problems
Just a note to say the Firefox issue is fixed. I reloaded it (refreshed it actually) from Programmes and Features (started uninstall and it offered the refresh option) and it's great now.

It had been printing the wrong size from the web as well as the issues with this site. I remembered that Windows 10 updates had twice knocked out my HP printer, and that was about the time I noticed Firefox playing up, so did a bit of googling.

It seems Firefox gets its settings from Windows when it's installed so presumably my printer continually reverting to Letter instead of A4 in Firefox but not Edge was to do with this. Refreshed Firefox and it stays set on A4 and prints fine again :thumbsup:

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