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Default Re: Help - Phono 3 Heater voltage Measurements

Hello thanks for the reply.

Yes it is a DVM, thanks for clearing that up for me.

I also had a reply from Matthew at World Audio Designs today advising me that I am perhaps losing some of the heater supply to ground.

I shall double later check to see if I have any continuity between HTR+ / HTR- and chassis ground. I guess having a voltage on chassis earth and it not being at ground potential would be why I am getting the strange readings between HTR+ / HTR- and chassis earth.

I have checked continuity from inside the PSU at the PCB right through to inside the Phono at HTR+ / HTR- on the PCB and have continuity and low resistance to the correct places. I don't have any shorts on the PSU cable either so I guess that means that if there is an issue with heater supply going to ground it must lie within the Phono, possible a short on the PCB.

I shall investigate and if still stuck get some images.

Thanks again.

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