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Default Problems with K5881 MK2


I've been running my K5881 MK2 for over 10 years now. it's a great little amp - The only problems I've had are the 2 O/P transformers failing - (I got 2 replacements from Geoff at for 200)

The problem that I have now that after running for a while the amp makes a very loud physical buzzing - not hum.
I'm assuming that this may be due to heavy load on the mains transformer although I can't really locate the source of the buzz.
I ran the amp with only one set of valves on each channel in turn and it seems OK so possibly its the extra load on the PSU causing a failure somewhere.
There's only a bridge rectifier, smoothers and choke - I'm hoping it's not the mains transformer this time! - Anyone seen anything similar before I do further testing?


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