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Default Re: New forum catagories

I personally think the first two cat's are a great idea, but

can i also suggest that if an off topic matter is raised during ANY post that the poster links to "off topic" and starts a new thread.
if thats the case then personally I would stop posting. Part of the pleasure if this BB is the meandering nature of the people on here, we can wander off topic, and then go back, or in wandering produce a more interesting topic. Inforcing this suggested control would kill it for me. If the wandering makes it harder to follow, and harder to find the answer to the original question, then I suggest that the poster needs to read harder, or purchase a text book on the subject.

Just my 2d's worth.
Just about everything I say has been in public use since the 1940's so no one owns the copyright on that.

If by any chance its not prior art, then the copyright is retained by me.
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