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Default Re: WAD phono 3S Parts Selection Help

My thanks to Bob and John for sending me those parts So the phono 3S parts box is expanding so now as per my phono 2 I will still be using the SoniqsSAX 0.1 2.2uf capacitors from Matthew I was going to use the Russian o.1uf Teflon t3s I have for C1and C2 but their way to big
Now turning to the resistor again as per the phono2 has the takman and holco as listed here

Issue Two Board
has takman Carbons in R13/14 R21/22 R37/38 All the others are metal film 0.5% tolerance Holco which are not available now and were replaced with the PRP PR9372 Series Metal Film

I can’t stretch to the Z-foils sadly but want to do the same thing to the first stage and all the way through the board using the three type choices available to me which are the takman carbon and metal plus the replacements for the holco types are the PRP PR9372 Metal film

So my thoughts are to use the carbons in the single path all the way through given as I like their sound and the metal film for anode and cathode I know this is down to my preference in the end but I am just interested in general discussion about which of the types resistors list here you would use and where you would use them on the phono3S board and why
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