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Default Re: WAD phono 3S Parts Selection Help

Originally Posted by colin.hepburn View Post
hi bob
a typo should have read 0.5% I'm not referring to the old carbon types but these here
Oops did it again yes the taxman carbons in the phon2 are the 2% types the others are holco the 0.5% types for R23/24 316k plus R25/26 39.2k the rest 1% Holco resistors which were used in the phono 2 build which sound very good when given good quality vinyl and shows up bad vinyl to well

And given that I only have a heavily modded Rega RB250 with an Ortofon moving magnet 2MM blue or a Goldring 1042 I think we are splitting hairs a bit on this for my set-up I am just trying to get some views on where best to place which type of the three resistor choices on the phono 3S board.
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