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Default KEL34 making safe to work on

I've recently bought a WAD KEL34, see my introduction here:

It's in lovely condition and working order except it has a low level 'rustling' 'crackling' noise on right channel when it has warmed up. I've cleaned all the valve pins and swapped valves left to right one by one but problem still remains. So I'm assuming it is probably the ECC82 anode resistors that need changing?

Now the reason I bought the KEL34 is that as it was a kit it should therefore be easy to work on? I've built a lot of HiFi gear over the years but it has only been lower powered stuff with the mains transformer being my only concern, although I did attempt to repair a pair of Kerr McCosh EL84 monoblocks I had a number of years back but they were eventually rebuilt for me.

I am fully aware of the dangers of high voltage DC - I had a mobile disco back in the early 1970s and I built a xenon strobe unit which had a very large 500v capacitor that I forgot t discharge, I'm thankful it happened when I was young and wth only one hand involved - so am rather cautious about working on the KEL34.

So my questions are:

How do I go about making the KEL34 safe for working on?

Should I get myself some good electrical gloves and can I work in them easily?

What other tips can you guys give?

Many thanks in anticipation.
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