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Default Re: KEL34 making safe to work on

OK guys, looks like I have couple more problems:

1. It only affects the right channel and displays itself as intermittent low level crackle through speaker. It is worse on start up and slowly settles down over the course of about half an hour, it is much less frequent and obtrusive after this and only really noticeable with no music playing (I have left amp on with no music for a prolonged period to ascertain this). After an hour it's pretty much silent.

2. Getting a crazy buzz, and other weird noises, through the speakers at about 1/2 to 3/4 volume, both channels, with or without inputs connected, on all sources. It's not hum but a definite buzz which appears around that volume and disappears again after it. I don't normally play above 1/2 volume so it may have been there a little while. I've tried different speakers but same result. Also swapped a couple of EL34s in/out and fitted new 6AU6s and ECC82s but no change.

Where should I look next?
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