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Default Re: KEL34 making safe to work on

Originally Posted by bob orbell View Post
Your crackle is most likely a poor solder joint, may be one of the valve bases, run a iron over all on the bad channel, check with your meter to see if the body of the potentiometer is in contact with the chassis. Bob
Many thanks Bob, you seem to have hit the nail on the head with that. Took the volume pot out and saw that there is an earthing washer connection between it and the chassis, as detailed in build instructions I now see. It all looked quite oxidised and the solder on washer was also interfering with the connection, so filed it flat and got some emery cloth on all the mating faces and screwed it back in tight. Checked continuity which is now good.

Have had it back in system playing for about an hour and all appears well, in fact it seems to have solved both problems.
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