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Default Re: Depressed Amplifier Chassis - K5881

As Dave says you will have to remove TXs and internal bits and clamp firmly to a large block of wood. The chassis is thick metal so a small club hammer and a metal rod or steel bar (to make it easier to work inside the chassis) will be needed but you may be able to gently smooth out the bent bit from the inside.
It won’t be pretty and will need a repaint probably but if you can’t use a press this is the next best option.
Personally I’d strip it all out and go with the hydraulic press from the local corner garage (nearly all garages have one to replace bearings and bushes) as Dave suggests. With luck and a bit of a skilled user it’ll be almost as good as new with little or no paint loss either.
If you need build notes you can get then thro the forum, just ask.
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