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Default Newbie guide to SE Vs PP

After browsing through Jerry T's ebay SE 3.5 watt amp discovery... and the funny lampooning he's recieved I just wondered...

For me and any other Valve Virgins lurking in Cyberland what are the Pros and Con's of both SE and PP?

I've never heard a SE amp in a Hi Fi scenario ('cos I'm a newbie like I said) but my understanding from reading informative posts both here and in HFW is that SE's are generally low powered using 300B's or 2A3's and are 'fussy' at what impedances they drive into, hence high sensitivity speakers are required but on the upside they sound 'nice'. (I should work on a Hi Fi magazine, my descriptive vocabulary is amazing )

PP on the other hand are fairly common, more powerful, less fussy about loads but lacks that SE sound.

Sorry if this has all been done before but I'm sure theres a few others like me out there (ie- clueless ).

Dave the bass.

P.S The E-bay Audio-lite Phono Stage project is still at the bread board stage, as soon as the good weather comes I transform into an 'outdoor' guy i'll finish the build when winter comes around and I'm stuck indoors and can't go out to play on my Skateboard (boo!).
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