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Default Re: Newbie guide to SE Vs PP

Originally Posted by andrew ivimey
Isn't 'The Matrix' down near you? - A HiFi shop which specialises in valve amplifiers.
Yeah, its in my home town (Dartford) but I feel its a bit cheeky going in and asking for a demo between PP and SE and then telling them I want to build a WD amp any way S'funny actually, I went out on the town last Friday and had a meal and a few Ales with my (long-sufferin') partner and we used the new Fastrack Bus system that stops outside Matrix (great for when i'm old and wrinkly but need a new valve). While waiting for the bus I toddled over to their their shop was droolin' down the window at all the TT and glassy loveliness and nearly missed my bus They had a VAA EL34 PP amp for sale up on ebay for £199 a while back, I was sorely tempted. In the end I decided to wait to see the results of WD's new line up.

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