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Default Re: Newbie guide to SE Vs PP

Matt, reading down I was just saying yes yes yes, I recognise all those things.

I too think when it comes to amps of that quality it is simply down to preference.

For my money you can build a cheap 6em7 SE amp and get loads of enjoyment, great imaging, some distortion, and masses of distortion overdriven.

Out of interest the 211's were probably gevt4c's. Though these are very solid performers with a silken sound they are rubbish compared to WE Oxide coated 211. Chinease 211's are just wheely bin fodder.

First eggborough I demonstarted the difference in sound between a straight sides px4 a straight sides px25 and a balloon px25. Though not unanimous it was majority approved that each stage was an improvement.

This ytime, though in mono, I shall show the progression from gevt4c to WE211. If someone could bring a chinease 211 we could start with that one (if it doesn't blow up).
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