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Default Re: Newbie guide to SE Vs PP

For many years I have been frustrated by not being able to get my DHT PP amps to equal the magic in the sound of a DHT SE amp. I think Matt has got it exactly right in his description of the differences netween the two. I would also add that there are differences in the way they handle tone and timbre as well. I listen to cello performances quite a lot and the SE cello is just more naturally woody than a PP cello - this for the best of each type. However there is another aspect of each that I cannot describe and have never heard described which is that certain SE amps have a magic about there sound that is just 'right' and I have never, ever heard a PP amp sound like it. Those a EggFest 1 will have heard it with Jonathan's 45SE amp driving my Quasars... it just makes you smile and lifts your spirit. ANd this followed Mark's Aurora a 300B all IT PP amp. So 20W of the best quality PP watts against 2W of the best quality SE amps in the EggFest hall and it was no contest. One was magical and right and the other was very good but no magic.

It's true that you do need SE friendly speakers to hear what SE is about as they can and do collapse into certain loads but once you have SE friendly speakers then it becomes inevitable that eventually you will come round to SE

I still haven't given up on DHT PP but most of the amps I design and build now-a-days are DHT SE...

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