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Default Re: Newbie guide to SE Vs PP

Hi James,

You raise some very good points that generally I agree with, but for many of us there has to be a compromise or trade off so that our amplifier of choice fits all music within the constraints of a domestic environment subject to WAF considerations which is why I am happy with my PP system because it does all things well although I'd acknowledge would not reproduce the cello from Bach's six cello pieces in the magic way you enjoy with SE. Having said that, a judgement on an amps performance really should take into consideration all the types of music the owner wants to listen to. There is a major difference between the magic SE sound of a solo cello and the sound of a full orchestra and choir with organ working at full tilt. The same can be said of simple 'Paul Simon Songbook' vs. full on 'Meatloaf'. My amp/speakers has to do both of those well and I've yet to come across an SE system (amp and speakers) that can handle the heavy stuff and fit in domestically.

This is why I settle in the PP camp. It's the need for a fits all system with the minimum of compromise that is allowed to sit in the living room along with the telly, bunches of flowers and hand made wall tapestries

As ever, we are splitting hairs on sound quality. The average punter would not be able to tell a difference.

Best wishes,

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