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Default Re: Newbie guide to SE Vs PP

I have been thinking about this, I wonder if the question had been asked two years ago, the answer would have been a lot simpiler, The difference in sound between (for example) a WAD 6550 and WAD 300b PSE was clear and obvious, but since that time people around here are been working at getting both types of amps to sound "better". SET's have been getting better power supplies, and driver stages, and PP amps have been getting better phase splitters and power supplies, and having feedback reduced or removed.

So while I still think there is a difference, I think its a lot less now than it once was. We can see at the eggfest, but I still think my 211 SET has as much "drive" as a 300b PP, but I am more than happy to admit that its far less domestically practical :-)

Having said that, I still think the 6em7 sounds as good as anything else I have heard, ok maybe not Jono's 45.
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