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Default Re: Newbie guide to SE Vs PP

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the breakdown above which has enlightened me. I notice you didn't dis the 300B this time although I think you've previously said that you're less anti 300B with some of the more recent offerings. The meshplate thing is worth talking about. There is a perception that a meshplate option of a 300B is the way to go, and I'm not talking about the punch plates you refer to as with the Chinese Valve Arts option. DIY Hi-Fi Supply (and others) provide a true meshplate version as made by TJ. These sound exceedingly good, but from research, they don't like optimum dissipation. 40W is a non starter and actually the sellers recommend for longevity 18W which is significantly lower. Frequently the affordable Electro harmonix 300B Gold has produced very acceptable sound with dissipation around 30W on test. I and many others are settled with this valve in our amps.

Best wishes,

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