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Default A complete newbie builds KEL84 (hopefully)

Incase anyone else is in my position, i thought id start this thread.
I am a complete newbie to electronics, but have enough common sense to pull it off (i hope).

Initial opening of the kit got me all excited, so take a step back and read the instructions.
Seems reasonably straight forward.
The only part im concerned about at the moment is testing procedures, but ill get to that later.

Skill level check list.

1 solder to a good standard. Yep, no probs there.
2 have some knowledge of valve circuitry. Debatable, but im not stupid.
3 possess a rudementary understanding of electicity and electronics. Well, sort of, i know the dangers.
4 have a multimeter and be able to use it. Oops, looks like ill need to go shopping
5 have access to a dummy load or an old pair of speakers. Yeah, surely everyones got a disposable pair of speakers somewhere?
6 Know the precautions to avoid electric shocks. Yep
7 Identify components, particularly resistors, using either the markings or a multi meter. I did know, but have forgotten. Im sure the info is on line, and there all handily bagged up anyway.

Well, wish me luck! I wont guess anything, if i dont completely understand any steps, ill be pestering you guys again. Sorry
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