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Its just my opinion but nothing much. I'm probably going to get hammered on this one, and you are all welcome to chip in, but every capacitor sounds slightly different due to its construction and the type of dielectric used. So there will be some that really like brand A and some brand B. And they will never agree. Black Gates have a sound that some like, others don't. What annoys me is that they seem to provide a 'character' to the sound, whereas what I am looking for is a lack of character, or neutrality in other words.

I don't want a 'warm' capacitor, I want one that sounds as though it isn't there. The closest I can get to that is polypropylene with careful control over the manufacturing process. That's why we specify Soniqs PP coupling caps in the WD88VA XL kit. In the areas where the capacitance is too high to use PP then I like the RIFA electrolytics. They are consistently transparent.

Of course you are free to use your own preferences in place of the components we supply. It's the same with valves. We prefer the ones we use in our kits because, again, they are the closest to a neutral performance.

In essence if we deliver a kit which is neutral in character and transparent in nature then the owner will hear through the product into the music. That's they way to greater owner satisfaction from a wide variety of customers.

Of course you can dress up the choice of materials used in the construction of your caps in order to make a case for the 'character' of the performance. Sometimes this sort of BS becomes fashionable as most people are trying to recommend a solution to everyone else's problems. At the end of the day the BGs are electrolytics and hence have the same foibles as other electrolytics. If you prefer the sound character they have then fine, no problem, but I can't say that they 'improve' the WD88VA over the RIFA types we use in the XL kit.

We are close to completing, in conjunction with ICW, a white paper which will give some clue as to why capacitors sound different. This should be available in the new year and I'll post it on the forum when it is published. We expect this to lead to a new series of PP caps with even greater transparency than the Soniqs SAX we currently use.
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